Special Roll

Dancing Eel Roll
*Kani, cucumber & avocado w. eel & avocado on top.

Super White Roll--------$10.95
*Spicy tuna inside out w. white tuna, fluke & avocado on top with green tobiko

 Jalapeno Roll------------$12.95
*Tuna, salmon, white fish & jalapeno inside out w. avocado on top.

Super Steve Roll------------$8.95
*Tuna, avocado and jalapeno wrapped w. pink sheet & chili sauce on top.

Barbara Fruit Roll-----------$7.95
*Avocado, cucumber & mango wrapped w. soybean sheet and special peanut sauce on top.

Super Bowl Roll--------$15.95
*Salmon, white tuna and avocado inside out w. whole piece of eel on top.

Salmon lover Roll-------$10.95
*spicy salmon & avocado w. fresh salmon on top.

Sweet Heart Roll----------$12.95
*spicy tuna inside out w. fresh tuna & salmon on top with heart shape.

Valentine Roll-----------$12.95
* Tuna & avocado w. spicy tuna and crunchy flake on top.

*Special chef's Roll----------$7.95
*eel and avocado inside out with special peanut sauce on top

Shooting Star Roll----------------$13.95
*shrimp tempura, king crab meat, avocado & cucumber wrapped w. soy bean sheet and special sauce on top. (it's delicious and tasteful roll.)
Cajun Tuna Roll--------------------$12.95
*spicy crunch tuna inside out w. seared cajun tuna on top.


Kitchen Appetizers
 *Coconut Shrimp--------------$5.50
*Rock Shrimp Tempura----------$7.99
*Green Vegetable Gyoza---------$4.50


Daily Special
Sushi Appetizers:
 *Sushi Pizza--------------$7.50
         (Choose you own toppings )

* French Quarter----------$8.99
    (seared  Cajun tuna Or White tuna Or Salmon served w. citrus fresh onion dressing.)

*Spicy Yuzu Salad---------$8.95
 ( Tuna. mango and spring mixed served w. citrus yuzu sauce.)

*Kyoto Salad------------------$8.99
   (Seared French Quarter tuna and spring mixed served w. citrus onion dressing.)

(Those special dishes are highly recommended by chef)