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Lemon Boy Tomato

72 days.  Lemon yellow, not golden in color. Highly adaptable plants yield large, deep oblate fruits, averaging 6-7 oz. and about 3-1/2" across. Out yields all other 'golden' tomatoes available. Adds inviting color to salads. Indeterminate.
  Abraham Lincoln Improved Tomato

75 days.  Delicious, old-time flavor with the uniformity and disease resistance of a hybrid. Male parent is an heirloom with a vigorous growth habit. Female parent provides earlier maturity. Globe-shaped, bright red fruits average 8 oz. or more. Indeterminate.
Beefmaster Tomato

80 days.  Hybrid strain beefsteak-type tomato with better disease resistance. Solid, meaty, bright red tomatoes weighing up to 2 lbs. Better yields with larger fruits. Tolerates cracking and splitting. Indeterminate.
  Better Boy Tomato

75 days. Plump, deep red fruits often weigh more than 1 lb. Extremely flavorful with juicy, firm flesh. Heavy foliage protects fruit from sunscald. Abundant producer and very adaptable. Excellent disease resistance. Indeterminate.
Mountain Magic Hybrid Tomato

72-75 days. Heirloom qualities meet modern day disease resistance in a supersweet, Campari-type tomato! Heavy producer of round, to deep round, 2 ounce fruits that are uniformly red inside and out with a long shelf life. Tolerant to early blight and highly resistant to late blight - both huge threats to tomatoes. In flavor taste tests Mountain Magic held it's own against heirloom varieties.
  Celebrity Hybrid Tomato

70 days. Semi-spreading plants can be mulched and left unsupported, but perform best when grown on stakes. The standard for main-crop hybrids where multiple disease resistance is required. Fruits are 8 ounces, bright red, and globe-shaped. Semi-determinate.
Chocolate Cherry Tomato

70 days. Extremely flavorful, uniform, round fruits, 1" in diameter, grow in trusses of 6-8. Fruits hold the stem well, resist cracking, and can be picked several days before completely maturing and allowed to ripen off the vine without sacrificing quality. Indeterminate.
  Jolly Cherry Tomato

70-75-days. 2001 AAS Winner. Good acid content and exceptionally sweet flavor put this one well ahead of the competition. Meaty pink fruits are produced in clusters of 9-14, weighing about 1-1/2 oz. each with a distinct peach shape. Not prone to cracking. Indeterminate.
Sugary Cherry Tomato

80 days. 2005 AAS Winner. Super-sweet, juicy 1/2 oz. fruits. Appealing reddish-pink skins have light green shoulders. Huge yields of oval-shaped, slightly pointed fruits set continuously in full sun. Support with cages for best results. Semi-determinate.
  Supersweet 100 Cherry Tomato

65 days. Staked plants produce long strands of 100 or more super-sweet cherry tomatoes an inch in diameter. Extra-high in Vitamin C and great for salads. Plants will bear throughout the season and require staking or caging. Indeterminate.
Jet Star Hybrid Tomato

70 days. A prolific producer of big, globe-shaped fruits that ripen all the way through and are quite free of cracks and scars. Excellent flavor with low acidity. Indeterminate.
  Jetsetter Hybrid Tomato

64 days.  Matures early but sacrifices nothing in return - great 'real tomato' flavor. Large, 8 oz. fruits are smooth, juicy, flattened-globe shaped with huge yields and remarkable disease resistance. Indeterminate.
Supersonic Hybrid Tomato

75 days.
 Excellent variety for plant and roadside sales. Midseason fruits are firm, meaty, very large, deep oblate in shape and smooth, with excellent resistance to cracking. Plants are vigorous and disease resistant. Indeterminate.
  Husky Cherry Red Hybrid Tomato

Unique plant habit, dwarf indeterminate, allows full-season, continuous production. Plants have very dark green, rugose foliage with a strong central stem, are about 4-1/2 ft. in height at maturity and require no pruning. Grow in containers, wire cages or tied to short stakes. 1 ounce fruits.

Health Kick Hybrid Tomato

72 days. Health Kick owes its name and brilliant color to lycopene, the anti-Oxidant that some feel may play a considerable role in disease prevention. Juicy, plum-shaped fruits weigh about 4 ounces and are strongly disease resistant, particularly to Spotted Wilt. Sets loads of fruit under average growing conditions. Plants grow to about 4 feet tall if staked. Determinate.
  Beefsteak Tomato

80 days. Very large, ribbed bright scarlet fruits weigh up to 2 lbs. Excellent slicer. Indeterminate.
Brandywine Tomato

90-100 days. Features one of the finest-flavored large tomatoes ever offered. Vigorous plants look like potato vines with good yields of large, firm, clear skinned, rose-pink fruits up to 1-1/2 lbs. Indeterminate.
  Pineapple Tomato

85-90 days. Huge, uniquely-patterned, beautiful, striped fruits will be the center of attraction in your garden. Beefsteak-type fruits are easily 5" in diameter, orange-yellow in color, with red streaks in the meaty flesh, mild flavor and no green shoulders. Heavy-foliaged plants. Indeterminate.
  Indigo Apple Tomato

A cross between Indigo Rose and a red cherry tomato. The unripe green fruit, 2 to 4 ounces, will show lots of purple, which is brought on by sunlight, but will eventually turn almost a true black. Excellent sweet tomato flavor. 
    Indigo Kumquat Hybrid Tomato

A cross between Indigo Rose and a yellow cherry tomato. Tangerine-orange, oval shaped fruits, with indigo shoulders, weigh 1 ounce and grow in clusters of up to 8. Semi-sweet flavor with an excellent fragrance.