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Chinese Speciality (Plants and Seeds)

大小庭園樹苗: 梅花, 牡丹, 銀杏, 臘梅, 香樁, 枸杞子....等品種, 尺寸最齊全.


Tree Peony Chinese Speciality - Tree Peony
  Vegetables & Fruits (Plants and Seeds)
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Asparagus bean, Bitter melon, Black wax gourd, Bunching onion, Chinese Celery, Chinese chive, Chinese Kale, Chinese squash, Coriander, Edamame beans, Extra long bottle gourd, Garland mums, Golden honey dew, Green bean Jointed gourd, Long Chinese squash, Long pure white eggplant, Orange sweet pepper, Pak Choi (Rape), Pink radish, Purple sweet pepper, Radish, Red okra, Red Okra, Red sweet pepper, Round Chinese Squash, Sky hot pepper, Sweet pepper, Taiwan eggplant, Taiwan long hot pepper, Taiwan low acid tomato, Taiwan orange cherry tomato, Water spinach, White bitter melon, White bitter melon, White Pak Choi, Yellow melon